Friday, October 21, 2005


Download Gay Adult Movies Unlimited!

Today it's estimated 60 percent of US Internet users surf the web with a broadband connection. That's amazing. I remember the days of looking at gay porn movies and pictures using a dial up connection. Thank goodness things have changed.

And my point is? Im glad you asked. Why in the fuck are you not downloading gay porn movies by the gigs?! Im talking full length dvd quality hi-def gay sex videos straight to the hard drive?

Take Gay Movie Access - this site simply rocks.

You get unlimited gay adult movie downloads. Period. No bandwidth cops telling you that you've exceeded your limit. Never. And the gay movies? Perfection. The best gay video studios are represented featuring the best gay pornstars in hot gay sex action that'll have you beating your willy silly!

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Imagine the convenience of downloading gay adult movies in the comfort of your home. Plus the quality of the gay sex is four star.

But the kicker for me is that i can download gigs and gigs of gay sex videos and not have to be concerned with limits or extra fees etc. etc. Those vets of the gay movie download world know what Im talking about! Even guys who worked the gay usenet groups can agree with me on this.


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