Saturday, October 01, 2005


free chat with gay males on webcams

I've been known to sometimes overstep my boundries and tell a guy to either suck my big gay cock slower or fuck my smooth gay ass harder or turn around and toy with his balls in the mirror or jerk off on his abs. In some ways, yeah, call me a director.

I also do this with GAY MALES ON FREE CAMS. Handsome gay amateur men in underwear doing your beck and call. Is this not a great world or what? I mean where else but on the Internet can you JOIN FOR FREE and CHAT FOR FREE and tell a jock with a huge uncut gay cock to stroke until precum then self-suck then stick a toy up his ass then blow his spurm all over his hands!?!?!?!

I use the guys onStreamates. This massive free gay cam site is incredible. The gay males on cam are hot. No. Beyond hot. Plus they're all well hung, courteous, submissive, know their place, make easy gay sex chat, and are more than happy to haul you in to a private room and show you the whole package (wink!).

My personal favorite gay cam stud is Self_Suck. This guys a real animal and bends over to give you what you know you want. He's a massive bull with a big chest and bi's. He's got a mischevious gleam in his eyes and looks like a stockbroker. Click here to check out Self_Cuck. I'll post his pics later.


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