Sunday, October 23, 2005


Meet Free Gay Cams Boy SoldierForSex!

Look who we picked up in the back alley of free gay web cams. SoldierForSex. He's a German cams tiger. Totally pumped. Surfer boy Arayan good looks make hime a poster boy for the gay cams generation. Chisled jaw. Bears a strong resemblence to Dolph Lundgren. But we think he's cuter AND hornier. I took a screenshot of this gay hunk during a live private chat. Screw the rules. I got to rub one out I got this picture doing double time in my left hand.

Let's skip Hollywood comparisons and get to his cock and ass. Beautiful. His prick is cut like fine crystal. His ass is meatier than a Thanksgiving turkey. Look at those washboard abs! That's the result of good genes. I particulary liked how he first talked dirty in German then in broken English. Sexy. I swooned when this free gay cams stud took off his shirt and his speedo like net underwear to reveal a prick the size of an industrial MagLite. Click Here to get more of this fascinating specimen of a free gay cams HUNK!


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